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I love motion design and animation – it’s a truly great way to express ideas both familiar and abstract. I’ve created work for a wide variety of people – some of them globally recognised and others as-of-yet-not-currently-globally-recognised. No matter the scale of the project, I always try and picture the audience watching the finished product – and try my absolute best to ensure that their face is one of wonder, intrigue, and entertainment. 

Below you’ll find more details on my latest animation and motion design projects, where you have the chance to not only watch the finished pieces, but also to gain an understanding of my creative approach and thought processes as I went about producing them.

Working as part of a larger team or drafted in as the primary driving force covering project management, design, animation and everything in between – there’s almost nothing I enjoy more than starting up a fresh project and seeing where the creative journey takes us. 

Recent Work

Recent Work

Bananacide | Graphics Package

The Rings of Power | Digital Out Of Home

The Quest for Net Zero | 2D Character Animation

Prime Video Brand Campaign | Digital Out of Home

Play Sports Network | On Screen Graphics

Hostelworld | Brand Campaign Localisation

Flatpack Creative | Brand Animation

Scott Morris Productions | Logo Animation

Social REV: Volunteer Leadership | 120 minute explainer

World Cup 2022 BBC Titles | Rotoscoping

Medicating Normal | Graphics Package

Raising Kids: Getting It | Animated Book Trailer

The Tournament BBC One | On Screen Graphics

20th Century Fox Parody Logo

Outer Range | Digital Out Of Home

Inter-Continental Bunker Mission | Graphics Package

Ellevio - Power Peaks | VFX & Animation

Signs & Gestures | Title Design

Universal Studios Parody Logo

Around the World in 80 Takes | Graphics Package

It's F*cking Trash | 2D Animated Explainer

Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival | Graphics Package

Der Die Das - Swiss Tomato | 2D Animated Explainer

Empower The Planet | Graphics Package

Emotion Works | Animation

World Gliding - NHS | 3D Animated Short

Adult Dolls | New Single Trailer