Universal Studios Parody Logo

Completed 2020
3D Cinematic Logo Remake
Legacy Vision Media, for Empower The Planet

A remake of the iconic Universal Studios logo, with shiny 3D letters orbiting around the earth just as the builders of our universe intended.  

Behind the Scenes

Slightly less complex than my 20th Century Fox logo remake, this remake of the Universal Studios logo was still loaded with challenges – especially when it came to trying to squeeze on the slightly-oversized title of ‘Empower the Planet’. 

Video Copilot's Orb Plugin

Video Copilot’s Andrew Kramer released a fantastic free plugin called ‘Orb‘ that essentially lets you create highly flexible 3D models of planets. Alongside this, he even released a detailed tutorial explaining how to create a 3D planet Earth. 

As someone who was embarking on a quest to recreate the Universal Studios logo – a key component of which is planet Earth – I found these resources incredibly helpful. 

Accurate Remake

As with my 20th Century Fox remake, getting an accurate remake is ultimately the primary goal here. And so, as I so often like to do, I watched and rewatched the Universal Studio logo countless times until I myself felt like a series of shiny letters orbiting a planet. Then – and only then – did I feel I could create an accurate and faithful remake. 

Universal Studios

3D Logo Remake Parody