In Post-Production
Live Action Short Comedy
Logline: An overly ambitious detective drastically misreads the murder crime scene of an old botanist who spent his life trying to classify the tomato as a fruit or vegetable…

Est. runtime: 22 minutes

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Need some animation for your own project?

I funded Bananacide entirely through my work as an animator and motion designer, creating content for all sorts of people, from Prime Video to independent feature films. The graphics in Bananacide’s trailer bring together many of the skills I’ve acquired through this work – and they were great fun to make and help immerse audiences into the film’s banana-centric universe. 

Check out how they were created by clicking on the right – and if you need animation for your own project just fire me a message!

Dr. Brunswickplayed by Sylvester McCoy has searched all his life for the greatest unknown humanity has ever faced: whether the tomato is a fruit or a vegetable...

But a deadly banana slip puts a sudden stop to his most promising test yet…

Armed only with an intense desire to earn fame and glory above all else, Detective Warburg arrives on the scene…

As he tries to piece the banana-crime together, a secret more terrible than he could have ever imagined begins to reveal itself…

Project Status

Bananacide is currently in post-production, scheduled for completion by mid 2024. If you’d like to discuss the project or see any additional content, don’t hesitate to reach out through the Contact page of this website.

Leith Theatre

Bananacide was filmed entirely on location in the beautiful Leith Theatre – head on over to their website if you’re interested in hiring it for your own production, the team was so incredibly helpful in making sure we were able to make the absolute most of what the location has to offer.