Completed 2020
Live Action Short Comedy
Logline: A world-renowned fly killer comes face to face with a fly that refuses to die…

A world-renowned, professional fly killer, named Carl, is on the cusp of finalising his latest and most powerful invention; a machine that, with a single pulse, will annihilate every single fly on this world. Whilst testing its efficacy within the limited range of his workshop, a single fly miraculously survives the death pulse. Adamant that his machine not be undermined, a chase ensues between the fly and its would-be killer. Before Carl has a chance to squash it, the fly crawls into a small hole in the wall, out of reach. Putting his eye up to the hole, Carl sees before him an impossible fly utopia; bathed in golden light and hope. Jolting backwards, his sense of the world now fractured, the fly re-emerges and lands on the blueprints of Carl’s death-machine. As he looks on, the fly redesigns his machine, transforming it into something far more intriguing; a machine that turns flies into humans…

Behind the Scenes

Making FLIT was a long but thoroughly enjoyable process – hopefully the latter comes across as you watch it; the former is about to be revealed. I thought I’d include a bit of insight into just what went into making it the global award-winning world record internationally acclaimed and revered artistic masterpiece that it is. Consider this a how-to-guide should you too ever find yourself needing to make a film about flies.

I’ve broken down various aspects of the making of FLIT below. In Preproduction, you’ll find things like the script and concept art. In Production you’ll find behind the scenes photos and the building of set pieces. Finally, in Post Production you’ll gain insight into how the fly was created and animated into scenes.

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The Film

Finally, the bit we’ve all been waiting for! Go on, give it a watch – you might as well after scrolling this far. Now that you’ve educated yourself on the ins and outs of the creation of FLIT you can even keep an eye out for all the tricks and techniques used to bring it to life, compile your findings into an extended analysis, and submit your paper for publishing in the world’s leading insect journals. Or, you could instead opt to simply sit back and enjoy the show – the choice is of course yours.

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On behalf of all of the crew and myself; thank you taking the time to watch FLIT or read about how it was made – it was as absolute joy to make the film, and I can only hope that watching it is equally, if not more, enjoyable.