Animation Short

Logline: Seamlessly glide through worlds on a relaxing journey through nature.

A short piece commissioned by the NHS (UK National Health Service) to be used in their experimental treatment within the Royal Hospital for Sick Children to have it therapeutically shown to  children to distract and immerse them during traumatic treatments.


Making use of a psychological analysis of what calms people, this film aims to relax its viewers by inviting you on a seamless journey through various awe-inspiring scenes based in serene natural settings. It cannot be said that the same serenity was felt during the production of this film, as I had to harness some significant computational rendering power to churn out the various scenes. At one stage, twelve computers were running simultaneously for 24 hours a day, 14 days in a row, to render the waterfall scene - try not to think about this awesome CPU power while watching the film, but at the same, don't forget about it either.



Full Film