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Feature Documentary

Logline: How do you survive the end of the world? Two friends without a clue set out to learn what could happen, how to survive, and most importantly; if its really worth doing so.

A documentary with a sense of humour, Inter-Continental Bunker Mission is a feature-length adventure about two friends diving head first into a world of preppers, fallout shelters, and government survival plans - all in the name of preparing to survive a nuclear apocalypse in their own basement bunker.


After spending a week in a field in Poland pretending that the world had ended alongside 2000 other post-apocalyptic enthusiasts, Nils and Julian returned home to Sweden to a worrying package in the mail; A pamphlet from the Swedish government, titled If Crisis Or War Comes.


Issued for the first time since the height of the Cold War to all Swedish households, If Crisis Or War Comes contains detailed instructions on how to best prepare for invasions, climate disasters, and all manner of catastrophes that could possibly be thrown at the Nordic nation.


Inspired by their love of post-apocalyptic fiction and concerned by the contents of the pamphlet, Nils and Julian set off on a journey across the globe to find out what could happen, how to survive, and if it is really worth doing so.


From encounters with government officials, to hardcore survivalists in the United States, all the way to meeting with survivors of the Hiroshima Atomic bomb attack in Japan, Nils and Julian hope that their unique approach provides an entertaining way for people to learn and engage with today’s elephant in the room; nuclear armageddon.



Inter-Continental Bunker Mission juxtaposes the humour, participatory style,and character encounters from documentaries such as Super Size Me and Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends, with the seriousness of the topic of nuclear war and preparedness, as explored in older titles such as Threads and The War Game, and contemporary films like Command and Control and Countdown to Zero.


Through this fresh combination of styles, ICBM aims to open up the topic of nuclear conflict and preparedness to a broad range of audiences, with particular attention to the 16-35 demographic - those who are too young to remember the Cold War. The film sits in a gap in the current market of nuclear documentaries; utilising a contemporary approach to offer audiences a new and exciting entry point into the subject.


ICBM comes at a time of alarming change in the nuclear geopolitical landscape. With the collapse of the INF Treaty in 2019 and the looming expiration of New START in 2021, ICBM is strongly positioned to attract audiences that are becoming increasingly concerned with current developments, as well as those becoming more curious about preparedness as a result of recent natural disasters, pandemics, or terrorist attacks.