Released May 2018

Live Action Comedy Short Film

Logline: A short analysis into how a teacup can cause a film to end.

During a hotel stay in 2017 I became disillusioned with the lazy management of the place. The inciting moment was a mini-fridge in the room that proudly exclaimed that it 'reaches minimum temperature of 18°C!'. This enraged me as such a fridge had no hope of ever creating a refreshing beverage in the scorching climate in which the hotel was located. As an act of revenge, I decided to treat the room as poorly as the hotel treated its guests - slamming doors needlessly, crushing the supplied bar of soap, and disregarding etiquette at the breakfast buffet; all with the reasoning that "if the hotel can't be bothered, why should I?!". It was only after I grew quickly tired of the war against the hotel that I realised my thought process would fit better in the fictional and ridiculous world of a film. The film is really quite silly in nature and therefore I thought it would be interesting to have all of the characters played by the same actor; in this instance, that actor is me. Hotel Deluxe is available here for your viewing pleasure: