In Development

Feature Documentary

Logline: Two young filmmakers embark on a quest to live with all their trash for three months, all while keeping up appearances as English teachers in Japan.


F**king trash. It’s everywhere -  seeping into the ground in giant landfills, left behind by **sholes in our parks, in the stomachs of innocent dolphins and other adorable marine creatures. It’s everywhere because of YOU. And me. And all other people that are part of a paradoxical society that makes it so easy for us to dispose of all our trash, whilst images of the aforementioned results haunt our Facebook feeds, showering us with guilt for single handedly wrecking the planet.


Are we doing anything about the problem? Should we all help, or should we leave it to the smart people? Who’s to blame? And what if the problem of trash suddenly became really hard to ignore?


Two young filmmakers with a curious, yet casual, attitude towards environmentalism set out to answer these questions. First, they travel around the world to find out more about how trash is produced, used and managed. Then, they return to their lives as English teachers in Japan, and will attempt to live alongside all the trash they produce for three whole months in an experiment that represents our collective impact upon the environment - albeit in a much smaller, smelly Tokyo apartment kind of scale. Simultaneously, their trash riddled findings will be brought to their Japanese high school class, so that they can voice their opinion, express any concerns for the future, and perhaps find motivation to do something about the problem.


It’s F**king Trash is a humorous documentary driven by equal parts issue and personality, that attempts to approach an ever relevant topic from a fresh angle. Through conversations across cultures and generations, the filmmakers hope to paint a nuanced picture of the problem, and encourage an audience to act on their personal and collective habits.