Released April 2019

Trailer for Mobile App

Tagline: Solve the greatest mystery known the man; the correct use of Der Die Das articles in the German language!

Roles: Director, Writer, Voiceover Actor, Graphic Designer, Animator


Fun, loud, and colourful, this video aims to bring something fresh and exciting to the incredibly tired 'crowdfunding trailer' scene. I adapted illustrations originally destined for use within the app to fit into video format, and added a few of my own images to spice things up (sheep). The trailer is finished off with some voiceover that I performed myself, no doubt causing concern to the neighbours as I bellowed about German articles, and Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture to really liven things up even further. While the version below includes a portion dedicated to convincing users to donate towards the crowdfunding campaign, a shorter version of the video was also edited to serve as a dedicated trailer for the app, outlining its functionality and attraction to potential users.